Our outlook on sports is very different from any other educational Institute. We strongly believe Sportsmen make better managers, better parents, and better citizens. Sports teach you things which no one can teach at universities or schools. It teaches you camaraderie, teamwork, and criticality of teamwork, and the importance of timelines and deadlines, and adherence to it. These results in discipline, endurance, and stamina to complete a task like no one should be able to do better. This trying, trying again after failing, trying against all odds, helps build accountability and responsibility to achieve the tough tasks. This feeling or sentiment is hugely infectious and grows and spreads in the students and faculty. This craving for excellence helps us raise the bar and thrive for higher goals.

Yoga , Pranayaama and Meditation

Yoga is not exercise. Yoga is all about the unison of the Mind Body and Soul, and how they can function in harmony for an enriching, fulfilling, and Blissful life. These are done with various techniques of asanas and kriyas.

“Meditation”. Meditation is the powerhouse of energy for achieving tough tasks with a calm and peaceful mind. When the strenuous workload takes its toll, music helps you unwind and relax. Music in any form is welcome during leisure time. For example; Folk music teaches you about the culture, heritage, lineage, ideology of that particular geography. It teaches you about that society and how it is different from other parts of the country. Music to us is also a great leveler. So folk music may be completely different in terms of tunes, music instruments, and rendition according to the mood, time of day, and weather, but they all tie back to the seven notes of Indian music. It may be classical, Carnatic, or Hindu classical, or vocal but they all blend down to the same ragas and taals. The foundation of music remains the same the this is the greatness of Indian music.

When professional minds interact with each other it is a classroom in progress for all students. They observe, take notes and comprehend the situation and get a fresh perspective on practical reality. This essence is then compared with the theoretical process and the variance of this makes them understand the adjustments needed in society for different academic disciplines. This fine-tuning is what lubricates their professional life. Once the professional life functions like a well-oiled machine, it gives them the peace and time to focus on their personal life, This helps them become complete human beings.


Music to us is much more than a hobby or a ritual that you learn, practice, and master. Music to us is about understanding the harmony of the left side and right side of the brain. The logic part and the rational part, and how they interact with each other. Memorizing a verse or a taal or a raga before playing it helps mind and body coordination. This coordination improves the memory, comprehension and increases the number of neurons in the brain. There is enough evidence in science to prove this. The more the neurons in your brain better will be the alertness, fertility, and agility of the mind and body. No amount to physical exercise can replace this technique.

Music also teaches us the importance of jugalbandhi or partnerships. It educates us on the importance of pauses and silence. Science teaches us to be good listeners, as only if you are a good listener will you be able to comprehend, analyze and impart knowledge and wisdom.

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