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Dr. Rajesh Gupta


The Principal and Director of Innovative Institute of Law, earned all his degrees, right from Graduation to Doctorate, from the University of Delhi and has practiced in Delhi High Court since the year 1992. During practice Dr. Gupta has dealt with many contentious matters including landmark Public Interest Litigations. Immediately after the inception of this institution, Dr. Gupta has been the Principal and Director of this institute.

As an academician, scholar and researcher, Dr. Gupta is having to his credit at least dozen law books authored by him and equal would be the number of voluminous classics that he has revised as a revising author such that each of such work has been released and forwarded by legal luminaries including Supreme Court judges. He also has got about 200 articles and write-ups on debatable issues published in law journals of high repute.

Dr. Rajesh Gupta has also been delivering special lectures whenever he was invited as an expert, such as, in the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Police Academy, for legal training of Police Officers and has been teaching LL.M. students as a special guest in a premier Law College in Delhi. By now many have completed their Doctorate under him as a supervisor.

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